Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Black Stoneflies - More Winter Fly Tying

My previous winter tying efforts were focused on sunny summer days, but in preparing for the warmth of summer, the realization struck that more timely patterns could be prepared in anticipation of a surprise February or March day on the water.

Someone reminded me that little black stoneflies could soon be moving from their deep water homes to the edges of the stream to begin crawling up onto the snow covered banks.

So to help fight the cabin fever, I tied up a few different small black stonefly patterns at the tying desk over the past few weeks.

The first pattern to be tied was a black pheasant tail with a tungsten beadhead.

Then, the beadhead was switched out with a brass bead and copper wire was used to rib the thorax to give a little different look.

Then, to mix it up a bit, I tied up a few black copper johns, again with a tungsten bead.

These little black stoneflies are some of the first larger insects to start moving in the late winter and early spring months.  So, if you plan to be out on the water over the next few weeks, it may be a good idea to have some patterns to imitate these little snow bugs.  And to keep an eye out for them.

Now.....I just need to find some time to hit the water.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fighting Cutthroats 2014

Every year, I try to hit up some of my favorite cutthroat waters.  And, every year, I try pull together an edit of my time chasing cutthroats and cutbows.  This year, my time on the water was abbreviated due to an addition to the family, but i still got a few days to hit up some of my favorite stretches of high country Colorado creeks.  I hope you enjoy this years cutthroat edit.