Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fighting Cutthroats 2017 - Fly Fishing - Edit

Fishing for cutthroat trout in small Colorado mountain streams is one of my favorite ways to fish. Away from the parking lot, a good ways up the creek, I almost never run into another fisherman. Stopping only for water, a snack and maybe a beer later in the day, I move from pool to pool sight fishing mostly with dry flies, but with nymphs when appropriate.

Below is an edit of a few of my days from the Summer of 2016 on one of my favorite Colorado cutthroat trout creeks. I am excited for and am looking forward to this summer and its fishing opportunities.

I hope you enjoyed my edit and are also excited for your upcoming fishing season.

Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alma State Wildlife Area - Fly Fishing - Edit

After wanting to fish the Alma State Wildlife Area north of Fairplay and Alma, Colorado for a long time, I finally got the opportunity this past summer.  A nice high altitude stream with nicely colored  little brook trout.  I only fished half a day, but would fish here again given the chance.

I hope you enjoy this short edit of the my half day on the water.

Catch you next time.