Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Pre-Runoff Spring Front Range Fishing

It looks like runoff has finally hit based on the gages.  I'm going to have to check for myself soon.  But after the dreadful snowpack forecasts we had at the beginning of April, I'm glad we got some storms.    It looks like the recent warmer weather is finally starting to bring all the moisture down the hills.

My friend and I had one more chance to hit Clear Creek before that though.  We were excited to visit a stretch of water we love, but it was still a bit early.  With water temperatures in the mid 30's, the resident cutbows and cutthroats were still a bit lethargic.  It looks like we will have to wait until later this summer to hit it now. 

I was able to pull together another quick edit to show how things were doing up there.  For the next few weeks though, it looks like I'll be trying to go with stonefly nymphs along the edges and slower water.  Good luck out there.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Front Range Fishing Edit

Spring Front Range Fishing

I'm glad to get off of the ranting and into some more peaceful and productive fishing.  I have had a few better days out on Clear Creek and Bear Creek which have been fishing pretty well this spring. Zebra midges in red and brown have been the big winners for me.  I have even seen a few sail boating mayflies out there as well.  I was able to capture a bit of footage of my time out on the water and wanted to share it as motivation and as a quick conditions report.  If your Internet connection supports it or if you are patient, please remember to increase the video quality, as it is much better at higher quality.  Thanks.



I have run into friendlier and more polite fishermen over the last few outings which has renewed my faith in fishing humanity.  See you next time on the water.