Monday, March 28, 2016

Hiking and Fishing a High Country Lake - Shelf Lake, Colorado - Edit

The recent spring storm that dropped 14 inches here south of Denver has me thinking of spring and summer and returning for a hike to one of my favorite high country lakes for some fishing.  The hike in is just tough enough at about 3 miles and 1,900 feet of elevation gain to be a fun challenge with a few steeper sections.  The lake holds cutthroat trout and sits at an elevation of approximately 12,000 feet.

Working through the footage from last summer is a good way to get excited about the upcoming season.  Putting together this edit has me dreaming of blue skies, wildflowers and colorful cutthroat trout.  Below is a quick edit that shows why I love hiking to and fishing this lake.

The treadmill running and fly tying have already started in anticipation of this hike.  I bet you have some fishing plans and dreams for this summer as well.  Now is as good a time as ever to get ready before the season is upon us.  Happy spring everyone.