Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not always as you plan

I had planned to brave the holiday weekend crowds and make my way to another high altitude lake in search of some more cutty's.  The plan for an early morning departure did not seem as appealing after a late night of poker and drinks on Friday night.  By the time we were headed back down from the hills in the dark, I resigned myself to a day around the house.  We were caught in the Friday night exodus from Denver and I wanted no part of any additional up close views of car bumpers.  It is enough to drive you crazy.  That, coupled with the thought of a bleary eyed morning drive to find a crowded parking lot, trail and lake, then more traffic in the afternoon sealed the deal and I stayed close to home, chasing small brown trout.

Although not the high altitude target and with cars roaring past on the nearby road, a brief respite was found on the edge of fine river.  Flows were a little higher than I had expected and the water was a bit off color.

Between the banks and the stronger main current, I found pillows of softer water with jagged rocky bottoms that provided the perfect hiding places for some small, somewhat selective brown trout.

Although things don't always go as planned, time on the water is time on the water and is always appreciated.  No donuts were had this weekend, but I did get to enjoy a nice relaxing beer as I listened to the river rumble past, just loud enough to drown out the passing traffic.  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Cheers.