Monday, July 6, 2015

Tying for Summer - Craven's Easy Humpies

With Summer in full swing and a few vacation days ear-marked for days on the water, images of pocket water, opportunistically feeding cutthroat trout and bushy, dry flies dance in my head.  A humpy is the bushy, dry fly I typically see in those images.  Floating high through turbulent water, imitating nothing specific, but doing a really good job of imitating something.  

A corner of my home-tie box has recently become occupied by a few different variations of this favorite summertime fly which is no small feat with a 10-month old baby in the house.

I started with a red body in size 16.

Before switching to an olive body also in size 16.

Then, I added some chartreuse bodied size 18's with rubber legs as rubber legs seem to draw strikes when conditions are right on the creeks I'm planning to fish.

Let's hope the conditions are right when I'm there.

Humpies usually require a certain combination of skill and luck to get the wings just right, but Charlie Craven developed a simplified humpy recipe that makes the tying process much easier.  The link below will take you to the Charlie's Fly Box website page with his step-by-step instructions for the tie. 

Even though still a challenge, if you have time, try a few of these fun flies.  Hopefully, you have a high country trout stream you can plan to use them on as well.

Now, I just need to get these flies out on the water and in front of some trout.