Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday Fishing

I was excited to get out on the water for my Birthday this past week and felt like I should tie up something special. 

I saw a blog posting for the creek I was planning to fish where the author had success with the go2 caddis on a spring, Colorado day much like my Birthday.  A few of these go2 caddis were tied up to see if they could help me catch some Birthday fish.

They did not.  With higher than average flows, a cloudy day and cooler water temperatures, these flies seemed out of place with the only insect life observed throughout the day being a few small, grey mayflies.

Only a few rises were seen, but I was able to fool a brown trout early in the day on an elk hair caddis.

And then another later in the day on a guide's choice hare's ear from a deep slot in a small eddy.

Although the fishing was tough with many fly and weight changes, it was nice to get out, fish all my own flies and catch some Birthday fish.  I enjoyed my day and wish you a Happy Birthday as well whatever you choose to do and whenever it may be.  Cheers!!