Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Start of Summer

Temperatures are heating up along the front range of Colorado.  It's still 85 degrees at our house in Denver and its 10:00 at night.  Last weekend was the same, hot, sunny, leaving you not wanting to do anything but lounge inside in the air conditioning.  Or....go hit the local creek to see how she was holding up.  And since I cant stand cabin fever, winter or summer, I had to get out.

Flows were down and insect activity was up.  Mostly smaller bugs with just a few mayflies and caddis around.  However, a parachute adams and yellow mayfly produced on top for a few hours in the afternoon and evening.    This creek heats up in the summer so there might only be a few weekends left to fish it responsibly before the water temps are too high to risk stressing the fishy inhabitants.  Hope you enjoy a view of my relaxing evening out on the creek.