Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fly Fishing - Favorite Cutthroat Trout Creek

With thunderstorms in the forecast, hiking to a high altitude trout lake did not seem like the wisest decision.  So instead, I visited a favorite cutthroat stream high in a Colorado drainage.  The morning air was cool and humid from the rain the night before as I headed upstream.

In better conditions than my last trip to fly fish this creek, the flows were still a bit higher than expected.  Unfortunately, some of the riffled sections and smaller holes that can be so much fun had a bit too much flow to fish reasonably.  The deeper slots, however, were fairly apparent and held a few good fish each.  

The cutthroats started small, but did help to figure out the home tied pattern that would work and end up working all day.

 Even though caddisflies and mayflies hovered over the water throughout the day, no rises were seen and feeding fish did so actively subsurface.  The fly that ended up working was a barr's hare copper tied up months ago.  

The fish started to get a little bigger after a coffee break.

Then, I caught the fish of the day out of a favorite pool.  A pool with a deep fast slot and a slow eddy.  I typically find a nice fish here due to the combination and variation of flows.

This fish was later in the day and deserved a celebration beer.

Although pushing the beginning of the season, this creek was absolutely fishable, the trout were hungry and I was happy to be there. 

I am looking forward to visiting this creek again once flows come down just a little more.  I hope all of your summers are going well, your favorite trout streams are coming into season and that you are getting out for some fishing as well.