Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fly Tying - CDC Pheasant Tail

This week, I will get the chance to fish the Middle Fork of the South Platte River in South Park, Colorado.  No, I won't be fishing with Kyle, Stan or Cartman, but we will be in Fairplay, which was formerly known as South Park City, the site of a historic gold rush in the 1800's.

Reports indicate that the river is starting to fish well with larger brown trout on the move. One report included a recommendation for CDC Pheasant Tails, so I tied a few up to add to the fly box.

Off to the fly shop I went to pick up some hooks, smaller red thread and some new beads.  It's always fun to have an excuse to hit the fly shop.

The CDC and Elk flies were my first fly using CDC and I was impressed by how they fished.  I am interested to see how it works for nymphs.

After the trip, I will let you know how these did.  Hopefully, they produce a few nice fish.