Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dry Fly Fishing Day Success - CDC and Elk

Flows hadn't changed much, wading was still difficult and some stretches remained too high to fish.  Still, I was able to catch cutthroat trout throughout the day on this front range Colorado creek and have another great day.  This time I caught all of my trout on dry flies, as I had hoped and planned, with the larger, deeper pools still fishing nicely.

The day started out on the right foot with some found money.  I guess it covered a bit of the gas at least.

I headed upstream.

And started producing fish on top using the CDC and Elk flies I tied up over the last couple of weeks.

The size 16's did really well and, it turned out, were the only flies I needed.  

The CDC helps this fly float very well, but does require a bit of maintenance.  The fly is also not overly durable, stripping down to bare hook after a few fish.  I'm glad they are easy to tie because they do seem a bit disposable.  I am planning to strip the hooks and retie the chewed up ones to make up a bit for their disposability.

For a day with a questionable weather forecast, the fishing was superb with sight fishing and dry flies being very successful.  So successful that I earned both a celebration stream donut and a celebration stream beer before heading back to the car.

Driving down the canyon towards home, I made a few casual stops and came up one trout short of a trout grand slam.  I hadn't even thought about it, but now I'm intrigued.

Although not large, the brook trout and the brown trout made me realize how realistic a trout grand slam is for this drainage.  I just need to zero in on those rainbow trout I guess.

All in all a great day and I couldn't have asked for anything else other than more time on the water, but who wouldn't.  Over the next week or two, I will be focused on replacing the lost and mangled flies and planning my next adventure.  I hope you have an upcoming adventure that has you excited as well.