Monday, February 6, 2017

Edit - East Vail, Colorado - Fly Fishing

The last few weeks have allowed for a review of footage and memories of fly fishing for trout in the mountains of Colorado during the summer of 2016.  It's always a pleasure to have the opportunity not only to fish, but to relive those warm summer days on a cold winter night with a nice porter or stout.

Here is a quick edit of one of those days from last summer that I am enjoying reliving.  A day on Gore Creek in East Vail, Colorado.  Most of my fly fishing is deep in the woods with trees choking the stream, but this creek is wide open with a bike path, runners, families and developments lining the banks.  No less enjoyable than my typical experience, this creek runs cold and clear in the fall with a nice mix of cutthroat trout, brook trout and from what I have seen (but not caught) brown and rainbow trout as well.

I hope you enjoy the edit and if you get the chance to be on the west side of Vail Pass, you might consider stopping in to say hi to some of these friendly Colorado trout as well.

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