Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fly Tying - Barr's Hare Copper and Holy Grail Caddis

The tying continues.

The Barr's Hare Copper's were a success last year, so those were tied to replace lost flies.  Similar to the Copper John, a simpler tail of partridge allows for an easier tie, two-toned wire ribbing gives the fly a little more detail and the natural hares ear dubbing thorax lightens the overall color of this nymph imitation. 

Similar to the Guide's Choice Hare's Ear, the Holy Grail Caddis is a wet-fly style caddis pattern that provides for a significant amount of bugginess in a relatively easy tie.  Definitely fun to tie up.

The Holy Grail Caddis will be new for me this year, but should at least make a good spring offering on one of the local creeks.

I'm not sure what the next tie is going to be, but there's still some room in the boxes, so something needs to fill that vacancy.  The warm weather in Denver has me thinking of spring, but it's still at least a month until real spring starts.  Which means there are still a few more weeks to get a few more patterns prepared.  Good luck in preparation for your spring.

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